Work, Life, Balance

Countless books and seminars have been dedicated to this topic. Personally, I don't think that most people can perform 100% in all areas of their lives at the same time. At least not me for sure. I believe in prioritizing and making a very short list of things that matter the most and focusing on them periodically. My list is the following: family, work, fitness. I am a mother, a photographer and a wife who loves working out. I often soar in one department and fail in others. We don't have to forgive ourselves for not succeeding in all areas at once. That is just a recipe to feel guilty all the time. I accepted that there are going to be times when I'll perform poorly even as a mother and instead of feeling terrible about it I tell myself  " Hey, today you did not make it to the cover of a parenting magazine, big deal! You'll do better tomorrow! " The next day or so I make sure I do! I pick up the boys early from school, we stop at Swirls for frozen yogurt, then jump in the swimming pool! Here is another example. Work gets busy, I skip a couple of days at the gym and I immediately put on four pounds! Like literally overnight! Do I care? Heck yeah, and I know that four pounds will be gone in two weeks. 

Spending quality time with my family is priceless to me. At the same time I love my work and I also enjoy going out with my husband and friends. I cannot have it all and no one does. Acceptance and being able to recognize that what we have is pretty darn good is key. Growing and succeeding in life takes time. I often think of obstacles as a character test. By getting over them one by one I prove it that I want it enough. 


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