What to wear for a portrait photography session in Jupiter, Fl?

 As a portrait photographer in Jupiter, Fl. this is the most commonly asked question that I get from my clients. Depending on whether we are shooting for professional head shots or a bit more casual portraits we can go two ways. Chic or casual. I always ask my clients how do they normally dress for work and what would they like to convey to their clients through their photographs? If my client have high end assertive customers they already know the drill and they are dressed to kill. 

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How to dress to kill?? TWO WORDS- wear a FITTED SUIT. It is the single most powerful piece of clothing any man can ever wear on this planet. Why? Because it is costume made for each individual  emphasizing features that should be accentuated and drawing attention away from the weak spots. It is chic, elegant, speaks class and if you are targeting high end clients it is simply a must have.

what makes a fitted suit?

1. Shoulder pads end with your shoulders.

2. Your flat hand should slip easily into your suit under the lapels when the top (or middle) button is fastened. If you put a fist in, the suit should pull at the button.

3. The top button of a two-button suit — or the middle button of a three-button suit — should not fall below your navel.

4.  With your arms at your sides, your knuckles should be even with the bottom of your jacket               

             5. Jacket sleeves should fall where the base of your thumb meets your wrist.

6. Between a quarter and a half inch of shirt cuff should be visible.

7. One inch of break.

That sounds great if you are an established business owner but what can you do if you don't have a fitted suit? Should you not be entitled to an amazing head shot?

 Heck no!  As a seasoned portrait photographer it is my job to make you look your absolute best. There are several ways a photographer can alter ( without damaging ) a non perfectly fitting suit.