5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Portrait Photographer In Jupiter, FL

1. The portrait photographer's work

Look for lots of great images when looking for a portrait photographer in Jupiter. Don't be fooled by a small portfolio. Do you see yourself being in his or her photographs? You don't have to be a photographer to tell the difference between lousy snap shots or work of art. Without stating the obvious look for lots of great images that fit your style. Is the photographer good at getting natural expressions from clients or you see fake smiles, uncomfortable people. Expression is everything in photography. 

2. Personality

Yes, personality actually comes second since we would not hire anyone unless the quality of work checks out first. Standing in front of the camera can be intimidating. Most of us are not used to being photographed by professional photographers and being in front of big lights. It could feel quite unusual. You want someone on your team who is kind and easy to talk to and of course knows what it takes to take a good photograph.

3. Price

While price is matter it should not be the only contributing factor when making a decision on who to choose as your portrait photographer in Jupiter or in any other city. When hiring a professional photographer you are making an investment into your business. Your headshot is the first thing your clients are looking at your linked in profile, your website or on any kind of social media. It should scream class and quality.    

4. Ask questions

Besides the obvious questions regarding cost and turn around time you may want to ask the photographer if he or she is offering discounts for businesses. Head shot photographers often offering packages for offices. It might be worth asking in case you have colleagues who are also interested in having their pictures taken by a portrait photographer.

5. Reproducing rights

Keep that in mind that in most photography contracts the photographer owns the exclusive rights to the images. However when you are purchasing digital images you are purchasing the right to reproduce the portrait photographer's work. Make sure that upon purchasing the digital files you are also receiving a written release from the photographer. It can save you some trouble when printing. 

Anita Davis is a Jupiter based portrait photographer for more information about her work visit Jupiter Portrait Photographer