The power of a professional head shot

jupiter portrait photographer

if you own or run a business the importance of a professional headshot simply cannot be overemphasized. Whether you are meeting your customers in person or you are running an online business having your head shot taken by a portrait photographer is imperative. 

Why hire a head shot photographer?

 A professional head shot on your website taken can increase your audience significantly. It is your chance to make a first impression. Prospective clients look at your profile picture before they read your bio and have an overall feel about you based on that head shotThe difference between an iPhone selfie and a professional headshot conveys to your customers and clients you are serious.

Is booking a new job worth investing in your image?

Your head shot is your visual brand. You are investing in your brand that reflects the values you wish to convey. It also determines the nature of the clients that you'd like to attract.  People are visual creatures and they are more likely engage with you if you have a great head shot on your social media profile.

Social media response on images vs text updates

People are ten times more receptive to images than post updates and more likely to engage with business owners who represent their brands along with a professional headshot on their website. Having multiple head shots also allows you to change them up from time to time. Getting more likes and comments also drives more traffic to your website and draws more attention to recent posts.  

The importance of having a recent head shot

 Too many times business owners and working professionals are hanging on to a head shot that was taken many years ago. Some of them may be thinking they can not look as great again. I am a firm believer of the opposite. We all have our insecurities,  whether it is aging, facial features or weight. I believe anybody can be photographed well in the hands of an experienced photographer.