Black and White Portrait Photography, Jupiter Fl

Black and white photos bring up the beginning of my journey as a photographer. When I first started shooting I used to turn all my photos black and white. I thought bw photos are so cool (not really understanding why ). I could not expose a photo properly, therefore my colors were all over the place. Turning everything in black and white was my great escape. The image bellow is not representing those times.


So why black and white portraits seem to have a larger impact on us than the colored ones?

By stripping color away a portrait photographer can make one powerful point. Directing the focus of the viewers away from distracting elements that can be more noticeable in a colored photograph. This is especially true in photojournalism where the photographer is not in control of his or her enviroment/ surroundings.

A black and white image accentuates expression. The shadows can add drama or quite the opposite- serenity especially when accompained by thoughtful lighting. On the photograph above my intention was not to fully light my subject. The light comes from one direction, from the side and as it falls leaves the other side of his face partially lit. His calm expression overcomes the darkness around him which makes him look even more confident and also gives the image a very serene feel. 

Should you have a black and white portrait as your profile image?

It is completely up to your brand, your clientele and the products or services you are selling. In my opinion: why not? As a portrait photographer I am driven to create a variety of looks for my clients. Adding a black and white portrait to your professional images can only serve you well. Black and white profile images are less common these days, having one can be a great way to create some buzz among your clients. Be the trendiest one among your competitors and wow your clients with fresh profile images.